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T-Mobile Hotspot Circulation Rules

Please refer to our Library Card Policy 

The District collects fees for the following:

  • Lost or irreparably damaged items: Retail cost of item + $5 processing fee.
  • Damaged items, if repairable: $10 or the cost of the repair, whichever is higher.
  • Destroyed media case: Audiobooks, $10; everything else, $5
  • Lost media piece (e.g. disc from an audiobook or DVD series), if individually replaceable: $10 or the replacement cost, whichever is higher.

Additional policies for hotspot check-outs:

  • 1 (one) per household
  • 3-week checkout period then returned to the library, at this time the patron may place a hold or check out a device if one is available.
  • If not returned within 5 days of due date we will turn off device. If not returned after 14 days of original due date we will report it stolen.
  • If the device is returned missing the SIM card it will be turned off and reported as stolen.
  • Once a patron has not returned a device they may no longer check out a Hotspot. If a patron wants to dispute this they may speak with the Library Director.
  • If the cord or box is missing, that will incur a $5 replacement fee.