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Cooperation Adventure Crafts for The Great Pizza Contest


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Cooperation Adventure Craft List Download & Print

Cooperation Cookies

Kids can decorate cookies to look like pizzas. Everyone can make their own cookie, but it’s even more fun to work together in teams of two or three for a perfect pizza partnership!

Cooperation Cookies Print Directions


CO-DOUGH-Salt Dough Creations

Kids can make individual salt dough projects. Once again, it’s more fun when they work together to create a pizzazy pizza project!

CO-DOUGH-Salt Dough Creations Print Directions


Bonus Craft from Page’s Archives: Paper Plate Pizza

The first pizza was inspired by the colors of the Italian flag. With construction paper and plates, kids can design their own pizzas based on colors of flags from around the world.

Paper Plate Pizza Print Directions


Bonus Craft from Page Archives: Pencil Thin Mustache

Kids can pretend to be the characters from the story with their own pizza mustaches that can be attached to a pencil or straw.

Pencil Thin Mustache Print Directions


Activity Book

Check out THE GREAT PIZZA CONTEST ACTIVITY BOOK with coloring sheets, games, and activities.

The Great Pizza Contest Activity Book Download and Print