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Friendship Adventure Crafts with Moth & Sloth


May contain: plush and toy
Friendship Adventure Craft Supply List

 Grassy Head Sloth

The moths that live in a sloth's fur cause algae to grow. The algae provide camouflage for the sloth. Our sloth (made from a stocking, dirt, and grass seeds) grows grass instead of algae, but he still needs a little help from his friend Moth.

Grassy Head Sloth Print Directions


Paper Plate Moth and Sloth

Moth and Sloth are together again in this fun project made using a paper plate and construction paper. If you look closely you’ll see Sloth’s best friend, Moth, hiding on his fur. Hint: He looks an awful lot like a bowtie pasta noodle!

Paper Plate Moth and Sloth Print Directions


Bonus Craft from Page’s Archives: Toilet Tube Binoculars

If kids are adventuring in the rainforest, they’re going to need binoculars. These are made from two toilet paper tubes.

Toilet Tube Binoculars Print Directions


Activity Book

Check out the MOTH & SLOTH ACTIVITY BOOK with coloring sheets, games, and activities.

Moth & Sloth Activity Book Download and Print